Lyle Anderson

Ojochal OSA Puntarenas Costa Rica

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Greetings to each and all first time readers!  And welcome back to those of you who have followed my blog.  It’s been a long time since my muse has pushed me back to the blog.


Yes, we live in a Terrarium.  It is just before sunset we are in that twilight zone. The sense of living inside a terrarium is almost overwhelming.  When I look up a the sky I see a perfect dome overhead.  Looking straight out from our front porch, I can see where the dome touches the sea.  I begin a 360* turn.  Now turning South, the dome touches down somewhere just beyond the OSA.  To the East it disappears behind the mountains.  Finally, I face West toward that point where the dome’s edge and the sun meet just before the sun sinks below the horizon.

I now stand quietly, taking in my surroundings.  Cumulo nimbus clouds cover the top of the dome, extending toward the base in every direction.  Intermittent patches of grey/blue colors provide breaks in the clouds.  The patches belie the storm beginning to move in. Thunder is already rolling across the sky.  Soon we will see the first bolts of lightning striking the sea with incredible beauty and power.  The air is heavy with anticipation of the rain to follow.

After a dry, windless day, the wind begins to pick up, another announcer of the havoc that will follow. Trees, flowers and shrubs begin to open and turn up their faces, dew drops already forming on the leaves.  Fed by the heat and moisture inside our dome these plants, shrubs and trees grow by the meter.  Our animal and wildlife friends are quieting down taking shelter as they can.

And we wait, wait for the cacophony of sounds that mean our symphony for tonight has arrived. A clap of thunder startles our souls and shakes our casa.  The thunder comes with its own applause, rolling out sounding like kettle drums receding into the distance.  Heavy raindrops, fall onto our tin roof now adding to the sounds of thunder and lightening.  And the forest begins to weep, tree and plant leaves no longer able to hold the water they have caught.  We settle in, but this is not to be a night of sound and fury.  The rain, steady for awhile, begins to subside and the birds begin to sing signaling to one and all that the storm is at its end.

There is no way out of our terrarium for any of us.  We live inside the dome.  It provides our every want and need – whether we be animal, fish, plant or mineral, we are each and all sustained here.

They say scientists study terrariums for insight into the planet that we live on.  I know they’re down here.  I wonder what they have learned.


Que La Paz Prevalezca en la Tierra!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!


**Just some of our Terrarium friends