Monday, April 21, 2014

Playa Hermosa (Beautiful beach)

It’s a beautiful morning!  Mona and I are walking Playa Hermosa, our favorite beach.  

Have you ever noticed that most of we humans migrate toward our “favorites” – doesn’t matter – places, events, special people, habits?  Observing wildlife at the casa I think it applies to them as well.  

So, we are back on our favorite beach, and it reminds us why it is our favorite – long  and deep with promontories providing boundaries and protection.  

Actually, Mona and I have two favorite beaches, Hermosa down here and Seaside beach in Oregon, USA.  Both have long walking surfaces, the beaches extending more than 300 yards into the sea at low tide.  Both have promontories to mark their boundaries.  


Today, it’s two hours after high tide, our very favorite time for beach walking.  One significant difference between our two favorite beaches is the depth of the beach at high tide.  Seaside always enjoys plenty of beach for fun and frolic; at Hermosa, high tide covers the beach – in some places fingers of ocean run into the mangroves.  At two hours after high tide, the water has receded leaving 50 to 100 yards for walking and playing.  It’s our perfect time for a walk, the sand is wet and cool and the wave water can still wash over your feet as you walk.

Still, today was special; the surf was up and the surfers were out.  Waves cresting at 10-12 feet were giving the surfers long, smooth rides.  Mona says that as these giant waves crest  they create a massive wall  of water, curling into a cascading  waterfall.  Pick a point, almost any point in a wave, then follow it to the right or left and watch it curl all the way to the point.  Breathtaking!  (I shared a brief video on FB; videos on WordPress require an upgrade; I still haven’t figured out how to use all the basic features).   

We’re back at the casa now.  Just had a light lunch and now are settling in for a nice afternoon nap.  Then it hit!

But that’s another story.

Que La Paz Prevalezca en la Tierra! May Peace Prevail on Earth!