So, several parties interested in renting Casa de Teca have asked the question:  Is the casa in the jungle?  Many of these people identify themselves as avid wildlife fans.  They want to experience the birds and wildlife of the jungles of Costa Rica.  

If you look at the Casa de Teca pin on Google Earth, it definitely appears to be in the jungle. Our casa is located in the village of Ojochal, which often bills itself as the gateway to the OSA, the largest, basically untapped jungle/wilderness area in Costa Rica. 

We are located on the first ridge of the Ojochal Mountains, approximately one (1) kilometer from the Costanera Coastal highway (Highway #34). It is approximately two (2) kilometers to Playa Tortuga, a large turtle nesting area. We have one acre of property. The casa is surrounded on all sides with mixed vegetation – a variety of trees, bushes, and vines.  

Forest/Jungle looking West

Forest/Jungle looking West

This “tangling” of vegetation is one of the marks of a jungle.  Casa de Teca is in the tropical zone and receives about 160 inches/year rainfall – not quite rainforest standards.  Theses facts meet the “jungle” criteria as well.  Much of the area was logged in the 1940s and 70s so most of the vegetation is second growth, not nearly as impenetrable as areas that have been protected.  My vote:  Jungle!

"Mo," Casa de Teca visitor Watching us through the glass door

“Mo,” Casa de Teca visitor
Watching us through the glass door

Wildlife is abundant; hawks, falcons and turkey vultures roam our skies; kiskadees, chocolatas, and many, many species of birds share their songs; we’ve seen Jesus Christ lizards, coati, iguanas and an occasional sloth, travel our grounds. Howler and white faced monkeys feed and play in the trees in our valley. You don’t always get to see these creatures but their sounds fill the air. When you first arrive, you will probably not see many creatures; they will be shy until they are comfortable with you. 

If you are considering staying at the casa, we hope this information helps you with your decision. We can’t imagine living anywhere else in Costa Rica for experiencing Costa Rica.

But you ask, “Are there whales, crocodiles, water fowl,…?”  Yes, but that’s another story.

A final caveat.  We rent our casa during the “high” season, late November to late April.  This is the “dry” season and for this reason it is the primary tourist season.  

Que La Paz Prevalezca en la Tierra! May Peace Prevail on Earth!